Since our founding in 2003 and becoming a joint-stock company in 2007, we have been engaged in various operations related to electricity and communication, focusing on the maintenance and construction of railway electrical equipment.

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck in March 2011, and Fukushima Prefecture, where we live, was strongly affected by the nuclear accident and had the opportunity to think deeply about “safe and secure energy infrastructure.” Therefore, we started construction of an industrial solar power plant in 2012, and started a wind power generation business in 2017. The renewable energy power generation facility construction we have done so far has exceeded 260 MW.

Furthermore, from 2018, we have started a maintenance business for renewable energy power generation equipment, mainly large-scale wind power generation equipment, in order to utilize the experience and technology of electrical equipment maintenance that we have cultivated so far. In the future, we would like to focus on “preventive maintenance” to ensure the stability of power supply.

We will continue to grow with the aim of improving technology and accumulating experience so that everyone can use the important lifelines of “railroad” and “energy” with greater peace of mind.
And of the sustainable society “SDGs-17 goals” that everyone in the world is aiming for, we will contribute to society by focusing on three goals with “renewable energy” as the keyword.

Sincerely regards,     
Makoto Watanabe, CEO

Corporate Data

Incorporated 27/2/2007
REPRESENTATIVE Makoto Watanabe President and CEO
Paid-in Capital ¥30,000,000
Head Office 19-5 Koyakawaharashita Fukushima-shi Fukushima-ken, 960-8218, JAPAN
Number of Branches 2
Number of Employees 24
Main Business
  • Electric construction of railway facilities(Subcontract of JR East Japan)
  • Wind Turbine and PV Maintenance
  • Renewable energy business
  • Civil engineering work
  • Consulting business
  • Insurance sales business
Number of Shareholders 1
Number of Shares Issued 300
Last year’s achivements ¥920,065,663(USD 8,070,751)1USD=¥114
Major Stockholders Makoto Watanabe 100%
Transfer Agent of Common Stock Mizuho Bank, Ltd. / THE TOHO BANK, Ltd.
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We will work to popularize renewable energy with the goal of “Producing renewable energy in Fukushima Prefecture that exceeds the amount of electricity consumed in Fukushima Prefecture by 2040.


We will make maintenance of renewable energy power plants in the prefecture such as wind power plants a local industry, aiming to create new jobs and expand business opportunities. And the goal is that maintenance works will become the core business of Seidensha by 2030.


Although maintenance work is a local industry, the “lack of experienced technicians” is a serious problem in every industry in Japan. Seidensha will work on technological innovation in renewable energy power plant maintenance with the keywords of “labor saving, unmanned operation, and remote control”. We will continue to devise ways to reduce simple and labor-intensive work from the field and increase the time for aspiring technicians to practice their skills.